Holiday Appeal - 2017

December 2017                                                  

Dear Friend,

First of all, we would like to take this time to thank you for supporting The Arc of Frederick County over the past year. Your partnership has enabled us to continue providing and evolving services for children and adults with developmental disabilities in our community. 

This year, we have further developed our services at The Arc at Market Street. More individuals with severe developmental disabilities are being served in the     Day Program and we expect this to increase in 2018. In addition to the Culinary Job Training Program, we expanded by opening a Coffee House to give people with developmental disabilities yet another opportunity to gain employment experience and a way for the Frederick community to better connect to people with developmental disabilities. It has been a learning experience for us to construct services in this type of capacity, but it is because of your endless support that these services are possible for people with developmental disabilities. 

In the past year, we have been able to reach 146 families through our Futures and Estate programming services. This allows us to help families prepare for their son or daughter's future when they are no longer to provide care. 

We have seen a dramatic need for our Information and Referral Services as we have met with over 136 new families in the past year. This is a service for anyone who contacts The Arc and needs assistance. Although this is a very important service, it does not come without its challenges as it is completely run on fundraised dollars. We anticipate that we will receive even more requests in the next year.  

Additionally, we have been able to offer trainings to different groups and organizations about interacting with people with developmental disabilities. We are thrilled to make these new connections flourish as it gives us the opportunity to fulfill the legacy intended by the founding members of The Arc of Frederick County: to make Frederick a more inclusive community.

During this holiday season, we hope you will consider making a gift to support The Arc of Frederick County. Your thoughtful contribution will make an incredible impact on the lives of over 700 children and adults with developmental disabilities in our community. We appreciate your support.

We wish you a happy holiday season!

With Gratitude,

Shauna Mulcahy

Development Director

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