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The Arc of Frederick County provides individually designed support services and collaborates with the community to build inclusive programs for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Founded by parents in 1958 because community programs for children and adults with disabilities did not exist, The Arc continues to provide advocacy efforts and the creation of new services for families today. The Arc of Frederick County supports more than 600 people each year.

  • Information and Referral Services for anyone who contacts The Arc and needs connections to community resources
  • Residential Support for children and adults in their family's home, their own home, and to learn the skills to transition to their own home.
  • Employment Support for adults and transitioning students to locate careers based on their passions, talents, and personal interests
  • Job Training Programs for people to learn skills to locate jobs in the Baking, Catering, and Janitorial workforce
  • Day Program Services for people to choose meaningful ways to be included in their communities while maintaining and learning new skills.
  • Autism Waiver Support
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Futures and Estate Planning to help parents plan for their son/daughter's needs including where they will live when parents are no longer around to help.
  • Sibling Support including workshops and support groups for brothers and sisters of children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Support Groups for self-advocates and for families
  • Parent's Day Out respite for children and their siblings
  • Classes at FCC, Delaplaine Arts Center, Adult Basic Education, etc.

One Page Brochures

We have developed one-page brochures that describe our supports and activities. (PDF format)

Updated December 3, 2010 -- The Arc of Frederick County is a DORS Vendor

The Arc of Frederick County is pleased to announce that we now provide services the through the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DORS). Through this new partnership, The Arc will provide Community Employment Services and Job Development, Placement and Retention. The Arc is excited to work in collaboration with DORS to expand our array of services as we support transitioning youth students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to locate meaningful careers. For more information please contact Aaron Stephens at (301) 663-0909 extension 126 or contact DORS at (301) 600-3075.

The Arc facilitates several support groups:

A Parents with Disabilities support group for participants to discuss parenting concerns such as discipline, nutrition, medical, school, and neighborhood issues.

Parent Support Groups - Daytime and Evening groups of parents who have a child with a developmental disability. Participants share stories of successes and struggles can be expressed within a group of parents who can really relate to each other. They share ideas on different topics and offer support to one another. This is a casual group setting where parents are involved in the decisions about the group.

Working Together - A group of self-advocates who speak to others about their disabilities and achievements

Sibshops - for Child siblings

Siblings Support Group - for adult siblings

Our Services

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